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SbyS takes over the internet 

As probably you already know Step By Step is a stationary shop. We are the real shops, where every day we work in settled working hours, serving you, Customers in reality. 
We are not any ordinary online shop, which only has a storage where they keep their products available to buy. Our online shop is a combination of products available at both, storage and stationery shops.
All products displayed on our online shop is a combination of all our stationery shop goods along with our storage capacity. Because of it you, as a customer have wider selection of sizes along availability of different models, which are currently not available in stores, only in the main storage ( for example, during winter- summer shoes and both ways)

We count on being real..

We know how many there is online shoe shops. However, we also know that in our shop you will find something completely different.
First of all we don't photoshop our photos. Our priority is that you get to see and buy the product as it is. We know the feeling of being disappointed when you make a decision on a photoshopped photo. So from the very first moment when we decided to form, we knew that we wanted to show you realistic products. 
our products have a direct contact with you. All goods you order on are directly removed from the store’s shelf. They are not held in cold storages. Everyday we care about the packaging and to make sure they are not a soulless product. Every pair, which comes out from our store to your home is carefully checked. By this you can be sure that, before your order was sent off, someone from our team will check if everything is alright and if it can become your new star :)
we are proud and we love our shops. That's why our public accounts are full of photos taken directly in store. We want all customers to see the product in its natural setting, where they are waiting for you- in our store. 
Our shoes, our world. The way in which we showcase our shoes perfectly describes our vision of the online store and what we do. We think, that you are the one who decides what's good and how to wear it. We don't show you a ton of pictures taken from a photo studio, with beautiful models who put our shoes just for the photoshoot. We focus on the truth: if you see a photo from a session on our site, you can be sure that they are from a photoshoot done by one of our clients. A person, who knows shops. She buys at them, more often than not knows the ladies who work there, and what's most important - she wears our shoes every day.
Fashion? Oh yes, definitely! Our take on fashion is a little different. Fashion is not a photograph. For us, fashion is a typical girl, who wakes up every morning to go to work or school. Fashion is your choice. For us, fashion is a girl who is just like us :)

Us, being...

Exactly. You're probably wondering who is "us". "Us" is primarily ladies! In each store there is a bunch of us. In some stores more than in the others, but we have dominated the company ;) And it is us who decide on most things regarding the look of our stores, our website and what shoes we will sell.
Each of our stores is run by a lady, sbys is a true definition of GIRL POWER! Of course, there are men in sbys, who efficiently take care of things, which WE, ladies, can't take care of ;)